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There is plenty of help online for parents that homeschool their children. We do not offer legal advice on your state specific laws and regulations regarding homeschooling children, we want to help you accomplish your task. We can accomodate any need, for more extended periods or for shorter ones. There may be some specific topic that you do not feel comfortable teaching your children because it has been a long time since you studied it, or may be simply because you would rather let someone else ensure that fundamental concepts are presented to your children in a consistent manner, with a long term and sight perspective.

This is where we can help you, by providing you with the expert help you need. We have experts specialized in helping parents educate their children when there is need. Our experts know it first hand, many have homeschooled their own children, and helped other parents. However, this help is going to depend on the availability of time of our members, etc. For this reason, we ask you to contact us by email at explaining clearly your situation and your need. Our help can be directed to you, so that you can explain specific topics better to your children, directly to your child(ren), or a combination of both.

We can offer this help to you with different subjects, for all grades K-12 and beyond (AP classes, etc), for example:

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